Limepeaks are specialists within the Procurement division with over 15 years of experience. We will ensure that the quality of the product we deliver is in line with the specifications and quality expectations. We only deal with Credible vendors attaining the up-to-date ISO standards and Quality accreditation. Our customers are conscious of where to spend their hard-earned money, so we ensure Ethical procurement policies are in place prior to any business transactions. We tailor and improve our products so we are always adapting to make enhancements by delivering the finest performance.

Limepeaks internal supply chain strategies ensure suppliers are capable of driving down costs with the latest innovative machinery and manufacturing techniques. Our Customers come first so our dedicated customer focus team will try the upmost in delivering a satisfactory result and we are willing to go that extra mile and put a smile on Customer Faces.

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Limepeaks acquire a wide portfolio of suppliers across the World, With preferential pricing structures we can offer you the best prices with Optimum Quality.

All information is under the Non-Disclosure Agreement. Any detailed specifications with Intellectual Property Rights will be treated as critical documentation with agreed lifespan disposal.

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